Chronicle story on Press page now

A lot of you couldn’t link to the entire Chronicle story so I’ve posted it on the press page. Just beneath the Chronicle link is the entire story with photos. This link takes you to the Press page.

Also this week I have posted Beth Israel Cemetery, the oldest Jewish cemetery in the city and home to such notables as Michael Westheimer, Ben Taub and Joseph Finger.

I’m working on the Morales Cemetery, a burial ground for the Hispanic community established in 1940.

Marks and I head to the Galapagos early this coming week for 2 weeks so we won’t be posting anything while we’re away. I hope we find an interesting cemetery there. Maybe there’s a final resting place for those giant tortoises!

Houston Chronicle story about the Historic Houston website

Chronicle writer Flori Meeks and photographer Clayton McKee capture the essence of the website in their story and images. Fascinated by final resting places

Historic Houston new posting

This week features the historic Hollywood Cemetery dedicated in 1885. Among those interred here is one of the authors of “The Eyes of Texas” song and Henry Attwater for whom the endangered Attwater Prairie Chicken is named as well as Houston’s first librarian. We’ve also added the Old 1840 City Cemetery. Very little of it remains but it’s an interesting tale and is rumored to be haunted. We’ve added more Texas heroes to Founders’ Memorial Park and it is now complete.

Under Sidebars, we’re working on a new entry called Cemetery Definitions. Marks and I started talking about all the words and phrases that are unique to death, funerals, cemeteries and the meanings and derivations, and the list is enormous. We’ve posted about 75 entries and Marks is working on lots more. This sidebar also gives us the chance to share some of the photos we’ve taken around the world. The necropolis photo is from Aswan, Egypt. The sarcophagus is from Turkey.

There are many photographs in the Gravesites Gallery that don’t make it into the text, particularly with Hollywood Cemetery. Scroll down to the cemetery that interests you (they are in alphabetical order). Click on the photo to enlarge it,. I’m struggling with the previous – next button at the top of the page. My web guru is out of town right now. I’m sure it’s an easy fix but I find it easier to hit the back button on the menu bar (left of the web address) and move my curser to the next photo I want to see.

Thanks for your interest. Barbara