Sidebars are interesting aspects of burial including funeral customs, rituals, practices, iconography, symbolism and other fascinating burial conventions that are contained in our historic cemeteries. So far, we have posted the following sidebars. Look for much more to come.

Adding Insult to Dying 
Ancient Funerary Art
Ancient Tombs in Turkey 
Asian Funeral Pyres are Second Largest Contributor to Global Warming 
A Bizarre Burial and Unsolved Mystery
A Melancholy Dirge: Ghost Song by The Doors
A Story about Civil War Tombstones
A Very Haunted Land: The Ghosts of Thailand 
Buried Alive
Cadavers for Sale: The Eerie Tale of Misters Burke and Hare
California Cemetery Produces Award Winning Wines
Cemetery Definitions

Cemetery Humor 
Cemetery Humor, part 2
Cemetery Humor, part 3
Cemetery Humor, part 4 
Cemetery Humor, part 5
Cemetery Iconography and Symbolism

Coffin Coiffures 
Chua Phat Quang Temple and Pagoda 
Cuba Cemeteries  
Dante Aligheri, Inferno and the planet Pluto
The Dante Club: Divine Comedy Translated into English
The Dark History of a Venetian Carnival Mask
Dream Doves
Ebola, Black Death and Plague Pits
Famous Cemeteries Around the World
Grayfriars Bobby 
Holocaust Memorials at Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris France
Houston’s Fake Cemetery
The Hungry Ghost 
Intoxicated with Death: The Calaveras of Mexico
Jemima the Great and the Fishguard Tapestry 
Legend of the Chupacabra  
Taking One for the Home Team
Masks of Prehistoric Past
The Masque of the Red Death 
The Most Beautiful Sacred Space in Houston
The Most Bizarre and Creepy Love Affair
The Most Famous Cemetery Poem
The Mummies of Guanajuato 
The Mummies of Saint Michel, Bordeaux, France 
Odd Fellows Want to Sell Dead Fellow
Oldest Multiple Burial Site in North American  
Only in Texas  NEW
Poncho Villa’s Trigger Finger
Remembered in Granite: Houston Police Officers Memorial
The Resting Place of Lost Souls: Strangers Row 
Robert the Haunted Doll
Sacred Relics and the Relics of Villa de Matel
Secondhand Graves 
Strippers at the Funeral? 
The Spirit World and Politics: Election Woes Roil Thailand  
The Story of the Tree Stump Tombstones
The Tale of Lonesome George

The Tale of Lonesome George 
The Tale of Lonesome George Part 3
The Unique Burial Practices at the Louisiana State Penitentiary
Whirlwind Tour of Dead Dictators  NEW
Who were the Famous Twin Sisters?
Zombie Found in Ohio