Zombie Found in Ohio

Donald Miller Jr. vanished from his Ohio home 16 years ago.  After eight years his “widow” went to court to have him declared deceased.  In 1994 Miller was declared legally dead and all rights, assets, Social Security payments, etc. were awarded to his ex-wife.  In 2002 he resurfaced.  Miller applied for a driver’s license and his Social Security number.  However, both applications were denied on grounds that he was dead.  In October 2013 Miller went to court to have his status as a dead man reversed.  It seemed like a reasonable request as he was standing in the courtroom pleading his case.  After hearing Miller’s plea the judge ruled against him on grounds that there was a three-year time limit to change a death ruling.  When he asked what other course of action he could take the judge said “I don’t know where that leaves you, but you are still deceased as far as the law is concerned.”  We think this makes him legally a Zombie!

(from a recent article in the Houston  Chronicle)


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