Lagniappe (pronounced lan-yap) is a Louisiana French word adapted from the Quechua (one of the indigenous peoples of the Americas) that means “to increase” or “to add.” In Louisiana, it generally means “a little something extra.” For example, getting 13 donuts for the price of a dozen, or getting biscotti with your coffee is lagniappe – something extra and unexpected.

We’re using this section to share writings, photos and other things that we have experienced that have nothing to do with Historic Houston Streets or Historic Cemeteries and Burial Rituals. We hope you enjoy.


A Horrific World War II Tale   

The main character in this story, Rulon Allen James, Jr., is fictional and the tale of his early life up until his enlistment in the U. S. Navy and the end of his life are figments of Marks’ imagination, the rest of the story is based on factual information from interviews of American and Australian prisoners of war from the geographic area where the events happened.

Once while in Thailand, we visited the Bridge on the River Kwai and noticed a small group of elderly gentlemen participating in a memorial service at the Australian Military Cemetery there.  Later Marks ran into one of the men, a 6’5”, 250 pound chap.  He asked if the gentleman had been here during the War.  His answer was “I was a POW from 1940 until 1945.”  Nervously, Marks asked him if he would be willing to talk about his experience.  In typical Aussie fashion, he said, “Mate, buy me a few pints and I’ll tell you the whole story.”

Unlike Rulon’s fictional demise, the man was about 20 miles from Hiroshima when the atomic bomb exploded, thus saving his life.  Liberated by the Americans he spent nine months on a medical ship in Tokyo harbor before being sent to Australia for two more years of hospitalization.

Marks felt his story was so heroic and horrific it demanded to be told.

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Australia Memorial Cemetery, Thailand

Australia Memorial Cemetery, Thailand


Published Stories

Journey To The end Of The World

A traveler spends an unforgettable
New Year’s Eve in Antarctica.

Journey To The end Of The World
Published in Vacations:
Summer 2004 Issue



A Deadly Encounter in a Faraway Land

A Deadly Encounter in a Faraway Land

A Deadly Encounter in a Faraway Land  NEW PHOTOS
Gallery with additional photos

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