Chua Phat Quang Temple & Pagoda

Chua Phat Quang Temple
A number of years ago when we were leading tours to sacred spaces in Houston we came across this beautiful Vietnamese temple and pagoda in South Houston (701 Arizona St.)  Since then we have returned numerous times to learn more about this wonderful place.


Funeral Urn in Pagoda 2It is a typical Buddhist sacred space containing numerous interments in both the temple and the pagoda.  Unfortunately, we have never met anyone there who speaks English.  Nevertheless, we thought you might enjoy seeing some of the photographs we have taken on our visits.


Hall of MemoriesOne interesting custom that many branches of Buddhism practice is to supply the dearly departed with all the items they need in the afterlife.



Hell Bank NotesPaper JewelryIncluded are money (called Hell Bank Notes) and many items made of paper including cell phones, jewelry, gold ingots, clothing, shoes, eyeglasses and mahjong sets, etc. When the burial service is over all of these items are taken to a fire pit at the temple and burned.  The belief is the smoke will deliver the treasure trove to the spirit world for use in the afterlife.