New Grange, Ireland & a Buddhist Temple

Main Alter & BuddahGreetings — it’s too hot in Texas to do any field work, so Marks & I have been digging through our past for today’s post.

We first visited Ireland in 1998 and made a special trip to New Grange. It is a fascinating very ancient burial place.

Here in Houston, we have an incredibly diversified community. More than 145 languages are spoken here and the sacred spaces reflect that diversity. In South Houston there is a Buddhist Temple that contains the remains of hundreds of citizens.

We’re off to the United Kingdom to research cemeteries in a cooler climate. We’ll be back at the end of July.


Houston’s Glenwood & Cemetery Wine

Holy Sepulcher Cemetery

Holy Sepulcher Cemetery

Glenwood Cemetery is one of the most beautiful and  prestigious cemeteries in Houston with so many interesting people buried there. We have added some new Houstonians to the Glenwood page. Scroll down and look for NEW, starting with Annette Finnigin, one of the leading women’s voting rights activists and ending with Hiram Runnels, a politician and plantation owner. We’ll keep working on Glenwood in days to come.

Then, for all you wine fans, check out this California cemetery where you can rest forever among the grapevines.