Superbowl Greetings

Hello All —

In anticipation of Sunday’s Super Bowl, we have a Sidebar about Taking One for the Team.

We’ve also posted a story about a special way to celebrate life.

And finally, Marks got some good press this month in February Papercity Houston.


San Antonio Historic Cemeteries and 2 Thai Sidebars

Greetings —

Our condo remodeling job is almost complete. I’m finally back at my own desk instead of emailing you from the La Quinta or from dear friend Jayme’s apartment.

We’ve completed the posting for San Antonio’s Historic Cemeteries. Scroll down to Dignowity Family Cemetery & everything is new from there. Read about Juan Vargas who fought at the Alamo without a gun and Adina De Zavala who worked with Clara Discoll to save the Alamo.

We’ve also added some interesting Sidebars about Thailand, a country we’ve visited many times. In particular, The Spirit World in Politics is fascinating in light of headlines and news coming out of that country right now but the Ghosts of Thailand is intriguing too.

I’ve added some photos to the Gravesites Gallery for the De Zavala Cemetery that I think you’ll find noteworthy.


One Historic Houston Cemetery and two Sidebars

Greetings and Happy New Year to you.

Marks and I sailed out of Bayport (Port of Houston) recently and because of a fog delay, we made an unexpected trip to the San Jacinto Battleground. Marks knew the De Zavala Family Cemetery had been moved onto the Battleground site and that fallen Texas heroes of that Battle are also interred there. It’s an important piece of Texas history & one we hope you’ll enjoy.

One of two Sidebars also resulted from that unanticipated sojourn: Who were the famous Twin Sisters?

The other Sidebar, The Resting Place of Lost Souls tells of an interesting burial practice.