Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and Curcao

0003 dittoGreetings — some of America’s most important 19th century writers as well as titans of commerce and industry are buried in a stunning cemetery in Concord Massachusetts named Sleepy Hollow.

Then, in Willemstad Curacao, we discovered a historic Jewish cemetery that contains some of the most beautiful statuary and decorations we’ve ever seen.


Galveston TX Part 2 and Other Updates

Greetings — the recent flooding in Houston has given us the opportunity to “hunker down” and catch up on previous postings. Part 2 of Galveston’s Historic Broadway Cemeteries features the port’s first harbor master, one of the early 20th century leading ladies and much more. In addition, Galapagos buddy Lonesome George and the burial rituals we wrote about Indonesia’s Tana Toraja have been in the news.


Remembrance to the Titanic and a Sexy Mourner

TitanicGreetings — yesterday, April 12th, is the 104 year anniversary of the worst disaster in maritime history — the sinking of the RMS Titanic. When Marks and I visited Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada, we discovered that more than 100 victims of that tragedy are buried in a cemetery there. We pay tribute to those lost souls in Fairview Lawn Cemetery.

Additionally, we saw a funny story we couldn’t help but share about a Chinese Communist Funeral and in that same mood, a bit of Cemetery Humor, part 4.