New Postings on Historic Houston

We have posted new information on the site. Under Historic Houston Cemeteries: you’ll find a new page for St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery, the oldest Catholic cemetery in the city. Under Founder’s Memorial Park, you’ll find new listings from Moses Brigham to Rebecca Lamar. Under Glenwood Cemetery, there are new listings from Doris Angleton to Mary Jane Harris Briscoe including one of my favorites:  Decimus et Ultimus Barziza.

We added a new Sidebar: Cemetery Iconography and Symbolism.

We have also added a subscription link so you can be sure you will not miss our updates and postings.

Thank you to those who have given us positive feedback. And especially thank you to those who have shared cemetery information with us. We welcome your comments and contributions.

We are working on College Park, one of Houston’s three oldest and most historic Black burying grounds as well several additional Sidebars including one about a fake cemetery.

Thank you for your continued support. Barbara & Marks Hinton


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