Cimetiere de la Chartreuse, Bordeaux France

0326 Bordeaux Chartreuse Cemetery Left Side




Cimetiere de la Chartreuse
Bordeaux France
Established: 1791
Acreage: Unknown
Burials: Unknown




“Their bodies are buried in peace; but their names livith for evermore.” – Apocrypha 44:14

This phenomenal cemetery is the oldest and largest burial ground in Bordeaux.  It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Founded in 1791 it is located in the center of the city on the site of a former Carthusian convent.

0376 MausoleumsChartreuse contains an amazing variety of architecture, art and funerary sculpture.  The French realist author Marie-Henri Beyle (1783-1842), better known by his pen name of Stendhal, called it a “magnificent cemetery.”


0380 Angel of DeathThe mausoleum Catherineau is the most spectacular monument in Chartreuse.  It is topped with a statue of Death, in a shroud, wielding a scythe.



For the past 200 years important persons in politics, culture, art, economics, philosophy and warfare in the city of Bordeaux have been laid to rest here. Some of the more famous include:

  • Pierre Lacour (1745-1814) – Painter and Engraver
  • Jean-Baptist de Verthamon (1746-1809) – President of the Parliament of Bordeaux
  • Auguste Ravez (1770-1849) – President of the Chamber of Deputies
  • Guillaume Marmiche (1763-1821) – Merchant
  • Colonel Joseph Deschamps  (1765-1833) – Soldier
  • Charles Delacroix (1740-1805) Father of Artist Eugene Delacroix
  • Jules Chambrelent (1817-1893) – Member of the Academy of Science
  • Flora Tristan (1803-1844) – Instigator of Feminism in France
  • Jean-Baptist Lynch (1749-1835) – Named Mayor of Bordeaux by Napoleon
  • Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) – Artist

0383 Face

0378 Angel

0374 Gargoyle

0376 Mausoleums0377 Tomb with Face

0350 Angel

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