2 New French and 2 Prison Cemeteries

Greetings — our recent trip to France started in the beautiful city of Lyon where we enjoyed fabulous architecture, art, food & wine. I thought you might enjoy one of my favorite Tom Russell songs: The Angel of Lyon. Of course, the cemetery was lovely, on a hill overlooking the Soane & Rhone Rivers near the Notre Dam Cathedral.

When our cruise through Provence ended, we took the train toward Bordeaux, stopping in the famous town of Carcassonne and its Midievel walled city. Right outside the main gate was their cemetery.

Now, to the 2 prison cemeteries. One of our readers alerted us to the Old Imperial Farm Cemetery in Sugar Land Texas. A dispute has been playing out in the pages of the Sugar Land paper. I’ve included a link to the stories.

And finally, Marks read about the prison at Angola Louisiana in The Economist. It’s a fascinating story.


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