Regimental Mascot Dog Cemetery

Dog Cemetery




Regimental Mascot Dog Cemetery
Edinburgh Castle, Castlehill (on Royal Mile),
Edinburgh, Scotland
Established: 1840s
.025 acres
Burials: 12+





“Berkin dugs here lie at rest
The yappin worst, obedient best
Sodgers pets and mascots tae
Still guard the castle to this day.”
-A verse written by Scottish Poet Robert Burns

This tiny cemetery is in a small garden within Edinburgh Castle, plotted upon the remains of a medieval tower.  It was founded during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). The burial ground is the final resting place of exceptional dogs that were either the mascot of various Scottish regiments or remarkable pets of officers stationed within Edinburgh Castle.  It is one of only two regimental canine cemeteries in Scotland.

The headstones are badly weathered rendering much of what was originally carved upon them unreadable.  However, there are 12 markers with some legible information about these exceptional dogs.

Dobbler – Traveled with Argyll and Sutherland Highlands to China, Ceylon and South Africa

Don – Pet of Sergeants 1st Battery

Flora – Pet

Gyp – Crown room dog

Jess – Band pet Blackwatch 42nd Royal Highlanders

Major – Police dog

Scamp – Faithful chum of J. W. Paterson

Sheena – Illegible

Tim – Traveled with Seaforth Highlanders

Tinker – General William’s dog

Winkle – Faithful Friend

Yum Yum – Illegible

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